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First Federal Community Foundation

Our Purpose
The purpose of the charitable foundation is to enhance the relationship between First Federal of Northern Michigan and the communities in the Northern Lower Peninsula in which we operate and to enable our communities to share in our long-term growth. First Federal Community Foundation will be dedicated completely to community activities and the promotion of charitable causes, and may be able to support such activities in manners that are not presently available to us.

Our Goal
We believe that First Federal Community Foundation will enable us to assist the communities within our market area in capacities beyond community development and lending, and will enhance our current activities under the Community Reinvestment Act.

How We Work
The Board of Directors of First Federal Community Foundation is responsible for establishing its grant and donation policies, consistent with the purposes for which it was established. As directors of a nonprofit corporation, directors of First Federal Community Foundation will at all times be bound by their fiduciary duty to advance the foundation's charitable goals, to protect its assets, and to act in a manner consistent with the charitable purposes for which the foundation is established. The directors of First Federal Community Foundation will also be responsible for directing the activities of the foundation, including the management and voting of the shares of common stock it holds in First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.

Apply For a Grant
The First Federal Community Foundation welcomes your grant application for consideration at our quarterly meeting. Two levels of grants are available:

First Federal Community Foundation Board of Directors

  • Michael W. Mahler - President
  • Christopher McCoy - Chairman
  • Dylan Wallace - Secretary
  • Eileen Budnick - Treasurer