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Best Practices: Email Phishing Attempts

mBank wants you to be aware of a recent increase in email phishing attempts. These emails are designed to deceive you into compromising your network or email passwords. Some very common examples of recent phishing include:

  • Email from Microsoft Office that warns of your account expiration
  • Email from an online file service such as Dropbox with a notice that someone shared files with you
  • Email from UPS that informs you that you have missed an urgent package delivery

Here are a few things you can do to help protect yourself.

  • Be suspicious of all emails if you do not know the sender, were not expecting the email, or it does not make sense
  • Do not click attachments or links in emails unless you know it’s safe
  • Do not divulge your username and password in response to any email
  • Maintain current Anti-virus/Anti-malware software on your computers
  • If you have already inadvertently clicked such a link or responded to one of these requests, contact your IT Support professional right away to secure your systems.

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