Business Loans

The Power of Being Local

At mBank, we support business growth by combining big bank lending skills and products with community bank sensibilities. We look for ways to help our clients improve and we appreciate our role in helping create a dynamic business environment. Economic growth means a lot for the State of Michigan, which is why we’re dedicated to putting the power in your hands. 

Business Loans

Small businesses make a big impact on our families, our communities and our economy. And because we understand their importance, mBank offers loans designed specifically around their needs. 

Whether your business is looking to refinance or make new investments, our experienced team of lenders will guide you each and every step, helping your business grow.

  • Line of Credit
  • Letter of Credit
  • Real Estate Loan
  • C&I Loans
  • Time Note
  • Construction Loans

SBA & USDA Loans

mBank offers government-backed loans through the Small Business Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help qualified businesses of all industries secure financing that may be challenging to obtain through normal lending channels.

Flexible loan structuring, increased capital access and longer loan amortization are just a few benefits these loans provide.

Our team's expertise and knowledge of these loans assures that, no matter what type works best for you, we'll help minimize your risk and maximize your well-being. 

As the #1 SBA/USDA lender in the Upper Peninsula, mBank was given the 2008 & 2009 Business Development Lender of the Year award, as well as the 2009 Community Bank Lender of the Year award for the entire state by the Michigan Small Business Association. In fact, in those same years, mBank provided more capital through SBA/USDA programs than most all other UP community banks combined. And though we continued to pursue accomplishments like these throughout 2010 and beyond, awards and accolades don’t compare to the benefit of knowing how these loans help small businesses like yours year after year.

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