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Additional Services

mBank offers a wide range of customer services. 

  • Signature guarantee
  • Notary Public 
  • Endorsement stamp
  • Fax service. Send and receive faxes.
  • Wire transfers. Send or receive funds directly from/to your account from anywhere.
  • Night deposit. Convenient 24-hour drop boxes available.

Business-Specific Services

mBank also provides the following services for our business clients.

  • ACH automated transfers for business clients

Fingertip Banking

You can use our automated telephone banking system free with all mBank accounts. Call from any touchtone phone to access the following account information:

  • 10 most recent checks cleared
  • 10 most recent deposits made
  • Other most recent transactions
  • Loan payment information
  • Current account balances
  • Interest paid or received
  1. Dial 1-800-906-3628 from any touchtone phone.
  2. Enter your mBank account number followed by the # sign.
  3. Follow the instructions to enter your personal password number.
  4. Access your account information following the menus and prompts.

Merchant Services

mBank provides credit and debit card payment processing. Contact the Treasury Management Specialst at your local mBank branch office for more information.  


Need more specific information? Download these product brochures: